200ct. Panalign Strips

200ct. Panalign Strips
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Our Unique Panalign Strips! Panalign Strips inserted in stiles and rails allow for expansions while your panels stay centered! Panalign strip size: 1" x 1/4" x 1/4" in a box.

Beautiful panel doors can be ruined by a poorly-aligned panel. On your next door project, slip Panalign Strips into the stiles and rails to keep panels perfectly centered, while allowing for expansion. Unlike carpet foam, which eventually loses elasticity and ceases to work, the rubber in Panalign Strips is specially designed to spring back indefinitely. They are also the solution for a panel that has been sanded so much that it is loose and rattles: inserting the strips keep the panel snug but not fixed. The rectangular shape makes the strips easy to handle. Typical doors require 4 to 8 strips each.