Easy Mark Hardware Drilling Jig

Easy Mark Hardware Drilling Jig
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Detailed Description

The Easy Mark Hardware Drilling Jig brings speed, precision and repeatability to drawer and cabinet door hardware installation.

The Easy Mark drilling jig will help you align and drill the hardware mounting holes for knobs and handles quickly, precisely and with absolute repeatability. And, when you finish, all handles and knobs will be in perfect alignment with one another...a sight to behold!

If you're still measuring, marking and drilling large numbers of mounting holes without the aid of a device like this, you're wasting a lot of valuable time.

Here's how it works:

  • Reset the raised ledge on the back side of the Easy Mark on the top edge of the drawer front
  • Slide the horizontal stop all the way to the right and center the device on the drawer front, using the left and right half-scales as indicators
  • Slide the stop to the left until it makes contact with the right side of the drawer front and tighten
  • Adjust drill bushings (3" to 4-1/2" on-center) to match hardware mounting holes and tighten
  • Loosen the locking knob on the drill bushing block...slide it vertically to your desired postition...and re-tighten the locking knob
  • Use a 3/16" twist drill bit in the applicable hardened bushings to bore mouting holes
  • Move the Easy Mark to the next drawer and repeat the process