Mitered Molding Bit

Mitered Molding Bit
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Detailed Description

A unique 4" Tall Mitered Molding Bit used to create decorative 3" wide stile and rail stock for mitered cabinet doors, furniture panels, picture frames and lots more.

Before now you had to pay high, custom-tooling dollars to get this elegant look on a mitered raised panel. After you've made your first set of doors with your new mitered molding bit, your work will be the admiration of all your woodworking friends.

We advise using Sommerfeld's Tongue and Groove Cabinemaking Set with this bit to make your mitered doors. For those of you that don't have our tongue and groove set, we have the new pro set which includes all 4-bits needed to create your mitered raised panel door.The center-point turning of all our bits ensures that this extra long bit (4") is perfectly balanced with no run out to produce professional quality cutsWe advise cutting 3" wide stiles and rails for building your mitered raised panel doors. Detailed instructions for making mitered raise panel doors if you purchase our DVD7 Mitered Raised Panels Made Easy.