Sommerfeld's Easy Set Up Jig

Sommerfeld's Easy Set Up Jig
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Detailed Description

Sommerfeld's Easy Set Jig! Eight perfectly matched bit profiles on a base you micro-adjust to your stock thickness-just dial it in, match up the profiles and you're ready to go.

Until the ingenious Easy Set came along, setting complex profile (i.e. lock miter, drawer lock & glue joint) bit heights was both time-consuming and frustating. But now, this simple device positions your bit perfectly the first time, every time for cutting any thickness of wood from 23/32" to 1-3/16" at the twist of the dial.

Setting the dial for the thickness of your stock:

Each mark on the rotating dial lifts the height of the jig porfile above the router table surface by 1/128"-so two complete rotations of the Easy Set's dial moves you through the full height range.

Select the bit profile you're planning to use:

Install one of the eight matching Sommerfeld's router bits. (See list below) in your router's collet and position the Easy Set on your router table's surface with the approproate profile next to the router bit.

Move your router bit up or down until it meshes perfectly with the profile on the Easy Set jig. Lock your router bit height into position and go to work. It's just that simple

The Eight Sommerfeld's router bits that match the profiles on the Easy Set Jig include:

  • Tongue & Groove
  • 45 Lock Miter
  • 22.5 Lock Miter
  • Glass Panel Cope
  • Reversible Glue Joint
  • Raised Panel Cope
  • Baby Lock Miter