About Marc Sommerfeld

Marc Sommerfeld - Master Cabinetmaker

By the time Marc Sommerfeld Graduated from Wayne State College in Nebraska in 1970, he was already on a path that would lead him to become one of America's foremost cabinetmaking authorities.

Educating Others Became Marc's Passion

It all began in 1971 with a 17-year career as industrial arts instructor and basketball coach at Iowa's Remsen-Union High School, where Marc perfected his easy-going, credible teaching style.  In 1983, he launched a special woodworking program through the school in which students built grandfather clocks for their families.  It was a program that eventually created heavy demand for an adult education class, which Marc taught in the evenings.

Teaching Prompts Outside-the-Box Innovation

Soon, his spare-time cabinetmaking for friends was growing so rapidly that he hired and taught an apprentice.  Along the way, he developed dozens of new cabinetmaking methods, including better ways to build angled and curved cabinets ... and lots more.

Marc Takes What He Knows On the Road

In 1990, Marc signed on for a 30-cities woodworking show tour in which he demonstrated a unique pocket hole assembly system that he developed.  Show attendees started asking Marc to record his techniques, prompting a series of seven instructional videos on cabinetmaking.  Sommerfeld's Tools for Wood was off to a great start.

How Marc's Latest Venture Benefits YOU

After 16+ years of traveling the woodworking show circuit, Marc continues his insatiable quest for new procedures, educational materials, and innovative product ideas to help cabinetmakers everywhere -- hobbyists and woodworking professionals alike - work efficiently, precisely, and rewardingly.


Most of the products on this website were designed by Marc Sommerfeld to be better than the alternatives.  This is not a statement we make lightly ... but rather, one backed by Marc's experience and inventiveness.

We stand behind our products with a 60-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee!