10 Melamine Saw Blade

10 Melamine Saw Blade
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Detailed Description

This is our top finish blade. Great for producing razor-sharp, chip-free cuts on 2-sided Melamine, double-sided laminate, or even veneered plywood. Also it performs great in crosscutting in hardwoods and softwoods.

Long-Lasting Coated Blades! Sommerfeld's blades are a perfect match for our line of bits. Whether it's on a contractor's saw or a cabinet saw, you'll love the performance of a Sommerfeld's saw blade.

Each Sommerfeld's saw blade is built on a precision-cut body of the finest Japanese plate steel. "Fish Hooks" are precision set to reduce vibration and noise. The carbide teeth that are "autobrazed" on are made from the finest micrograin(Sandvik Carbide, a Swedish company). The teeth are then precision ground to our specifications on German equipment. A non-stick coating is then applied to help your blade avoid corrosion, clean up quickly, and give you many years of service.