6-Pc Jointmaking Set

6-Pc Jointmaking Set
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Detailed Description

The set to reach for when you need quick, super-strong special-purpose joints for your important, strength-critical projects

Here it is-the best collection of jointmaking bits we have. Some woodworkers have shied away from using these difficult to set-up bits because none of them have a bearing for a cutting reference, and all six of them are difficult to set up to the correct height. Now these bits can be set up with ease with the help of the new Easy Set.

 The large lock miter bit produces perfectly-fitting miter joints that lock together in stock from 5/8" to 1 1/8".

 Also included is the baby lock miter that allows you to cut the same joints in stock from 3/8" to 3/4".

22-1/2 joints are very popular for angled kitchen cabinets, angled corner entertainment centers, kitchen islands, and corner hutches. Our two 22-1/2 lock bits provide a fast, accurate, and strong way to build those angled joints. The two cutters are a matched pair in height for our easy set-up.

Jointmaking Bits:

  • 01009 Drawer Lock Bit
  • 01008 Reversible Glue Joint Bit
  • 01007 Baby Lock Miter Bit
  • 01006 Lock Miter Bit
  • 02004 22-1/2" Lock Miter Set (2 Bits)
  • Bearings R3ZZ