12-Pc Mini Router Bit Set

12-Pc Mini Router Bit Set
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Detailed Description

Conventional router bits produce profiles that can overpower the delicate edges and surfaces of small gift or jewelry boxes and cabinets. So Marc developed this set of twelve miniature bits to overcome that problem.

We've received lots of comments about these little jewels...most stating that they're ideal for adding fine, crisp details to box lids and edges, small picture frames, miniature furniture and similar projects.

  • Set Includes:
  • 1/4" Core Box Bit
  • 35/64" Cove Bit
  • 3/8" Roundover Bit
  • 13/16" Roundover Bit
  • Classical plunge-type Ogee Bit
  • Ogee Panel Bit
  • Roman Ogee Bit
  • Ogee w/Fillet Bit Classical Ogee Bit
  • 45 Chamfer Bit
  • Wavy Bit
  • Classical Bit (all with 1/4" shanks)
  • Bearing 693ZZ