22-1/2* Lock Miter Set 1-15/32OD,22.5CA,7/8CL,3/4TH,1/2SH

22-1/2* Lock Miter Set 1-15/32OD,22.5CA,7/8CL,3/4TH,1/2SH
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Detailed Description

Sommerfeld's new 22.5* Lock Miter Set provides a fast, accurate way to build a strong, tight 45* joint. Better still, the lock miter design makes it easy to clamp!

This matched pair of cutters makes set-up easy. Height adjustment is not critical-simply adjust your fence so the top edge of the work piece intersects the angle of the bit where it meets the fence. After your joints are machined, they can be glued and assembled and simply clamped by using strapping tape.

Octagonal shapes are very popular for kitchen corner cabinets, entertainment centers, kitchen islands and corner hutches, but the joints used to be difficult to cut and a nightmare to clamp.  

Cutting Diameter 1-15/32"

Cutting Angle 22.5*

Cutting Length 7/8"

Max. Joint Thickness 3/4"

Shank Diameter 1/2"