2P10 Solo Thick Refills 2.25oz. Adhesive

2P10 Solo Thick Refills 2.25oz. Adhesive
Item Number: 2P-10-SOLO-THICK
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Detailed Description

This powerful adhesive refill was designed for FastCap?s 2P-10 solo bonding kit. Use the thick adhesive with the 2P-10 activator to create long-lasting bonds in 10 seconds on most surfaces--including on porous materials such as particle board. Simply apply the thick adhesive to one surface and spray activator on the other. Pressing the two sides together creates a firm, permanent bond that holds up under all weather conditions. Bonds cure in approximately 30 seconds. The glue is also ideal for use on hard joints, as it won?t clamp. To prevent glue clumps and clogs, a special no-clog cap seals the adhesive when not in use. The adhesive refill also comes in a protective hard-shell case. Avoid adhesive contact with skin and eyes. Apply on clean surfaces void of dirt, wax, and oils.