3-Pc Shaker Set

3-Pc Shaker Set
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Detailed Description

Create simple, attractive 22-1/2* beveled raised panels for Mission or Shaker style furniture or cabinets.

  • All 3 bitts are perfectly matched in cutting height for fast, no-hassle set-ups.
  • Stile and raill cutters have a 7/16" engagement
  • The panel cutter is preset to make a 7/32" groove in the stiles and rails
  • Machines material from 3/4" to 7/8" thick
  • The groove for the stile and rail is set for 7/32" for many of the undersize plywoods.
  • There is an optional 1/4" groove cutter that can be interchanged with the pattern cutter for regular 1/4" thick plywood. You will also have to shim the cope cutting bit and raised panel bit with a 1/32" shim making them 1/4" to allow for perfect fit.
  • All of our bit sets are packaged in a beautiful, custom-designed hardwood case to keep your bits safe, clean and easy to find for many year of service\
  • .Shaker Bits 01005 Shaker Raised Panel Cutter w/Back Cutter
  • 02002 Shaker Pattern/Cope Cutters (2 Bits)
  • Bearings 688ZZ & 608ZZ

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