3-Pc Tongue & Groove Cabinetmaking Set

3-Pc Tongue & Groove Cabinetmaking Set
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Build stronger, better-fitting cabinets with less work, using Marc Sommerfeld's fail-safe Cabinetmaking System. This special matched set of bits is the very foundation of work-saving, common sense approach to cabinetmaking. The way you build cabinets is about to change.

With the Sommerfeld's Tongue & Groove Cabinetmaking Set, we came up with a system that combines the best of that Old World joinery with our New World tooling.The results of this new method now make our cabinets not only stronger, but much more accurate, plus assuring you of that all-important hidden interlocking joint, along with surprising ease and quickness.

 Here's a quick overview of how it works: Grooves are routed in the backs of all face frame pieces before they are assembled. Tongues are routed on the fronts of the side panels, floors, and partitions.Grooves are also cut in the backs and tops of the side panels for placement of corner blocks, and nail rails that have been previously cut with tongues.

The Tongue & Groove joint is used in virtually every step of Marc's new cabinetmaking system, which you can master yourself by viewing his DVD Cabinetmaking Made Easy. The big key to this whole system is that both the Tongue & Groove bits are a perfectly matched pair in height. This allows repeated changing out of bits if necessary without adjusting the router. Every Tongue & Groove joint, no matter where it is used in the construction process, will automatically line up, fitting flush.

 All of our bit sets are packaged in a beautiful, custom-designed hardwood case to keep your bits safe, clean and easy to find for many years of service.

Minimum Stock Thickness-1/2"-Maximum Stock Thickness-1-1/8"Tongue & Groove.

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