45* Lock Miter Bit 2- 3/4CD,1 -1/4CL,1- 1/8TH,1/2SH

45* Lock Miter Bit 2- 3/4CD,1 -1/4CL,1- 1/8TH,1/2SH
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Detailed Description

This 45* Lock Miter Bit joins materials at 90* by cutting a 45* miter and a matching tongue & groove at the same time. Makes a beautiful-looking joint with no edge or end grain.

Extremely strong joint with lots of glue surface, which aligns and locks together automatically. Used in boxes, hollow-beams, columns, and cabinet corners. When the bit is positioned properly with Sommerfeld's Easy Set, both pieces can be run without moving the bit. One piece is run vertically while the other is run horizontally.

Cutting Diameter 2 3/4" Cutting Length 1 1/4" Max. Joint thickness 1 1/8" Min. Joint thickness 3/4" Shank Diameter 1/2"