6 PC. Starter Set

6 PC. Starter Set
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Detailed Description

A Great all-around set for basic, general woodworking. This rugged, 1/2" shank, Starter Set includes six of our most popular bits in a protective hardwood case.

With this set, you'll be able to Cut rabbets up to 3/8" deep x 1/2" high. Ease or round-over the edges of project components. Create coved (concave) workpiece edges. Form drop-leaf (rule) joints for table edges. Produce a decorative Roman Ogee Edge Chamfer workpiece edges to a 45 beveled angel. Cut round or flat-bottomed grooves in a workpiece surfaces.

Starter Bits

071272 Round Nose 1/4"CR

703182 Rabbeting 3/8"CR

623182 Roundover 3/8"CR

723812 Cove 1/2"CR

693812 Roman Ogee 1/4" CR

514452 Chamfer 45 Degree.

Bearing R3ZZ