6 Pc. Ply-Groove/Flush-Trim Set

6 Pc. Ply-Groove/Flush-Trim Set
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Detailed Description

Straight dadoing/grooving router bits, sized to work with today's undersized plywoods -PLUS- three sizes of flush-trim bits.

There's nothing worse than trying to connect one piece of plywood to another with dadoes or grooves that are 1/32" or more wider than the plywood that goes into them. This bit set solves that problem. It starts with three special, undersized Plygroove bits:23/32",31/64" and 7/32"- for use with 3/4",1/2" & 1/4" plywood--then adds three different sized flush-trim bits for working in tight spots as well as the wide, open spaces.

Set Includes one each 1/4",3/8"&3/4" dia. bearing-piloted Flush-Trim Bits-23/32",31/64" & 7/32" dia. Plygroove Bits-(all with 1/2" shanks).

6-Pc Plygroove/Flush-Trim Bits

000562B Plygroove Bit 7/32" Cutting Diam.

001232B Plygroove Bit 31/64" Cutting Diam.

001832B Plygroove Bit 23/32" Cutting Diam.

500632C Flush Trim Bit 1/4" Cutting Diam.

500952B Flush Trim Bit 3/8" Cutting Diam.

521902A Flush Trim Bit 3/4" Cutting Diam.

Bearings R144ZZ & R166ZZ & R4AZZ