6-Pc Roundover Cabinet Making Set

6-Pc Roundover Cabinet Making Set
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Detailed Description

Arched Raised Panel doors are the perfect way to make your work truly unique and distinctive.You don't need big, expensive equipment to make beautiful arched raised panel doors and panels you just need the Sommerfeld's Cabinetmaking Set. This set includes 6 professional-quality router bits to make your job of building raised panels the easiest yet.

Build stronger, better-fitting cabinets with less work, using Marc Sommerfeld's Fail-safe Cabinetmaking System and this bit set.Marc has redesigned every bit in this set with the following improvements and upgrades. All 6 bits are perfectly matched in height.

Full 1/2" engagement on rail and stile for a stronger joints. This makes joints stronger and now it matches the engagement of the shaper cutters. Makes figuring door part sizes easier.

Radiused-corner-geometry on our Rail and Stile bits relieves stress as it prevents this edge tear-out that is a common problem with other brands.

The drawer front bit is made much larger in diameter for a deeper cut, plus we added the roundover at the bottom to give it an ogee look. Now your drawer front matches the door front edge detail.

The door edge bit was also made larger, plus shallower to allow for ease of mounting 35mm European hinges.

 The matching flush trim bit has a shear angle to produce superior cuts.

 The Raised Panel cutter comes with 2 bearings. It comes with the large bearing installed. If you are making arched or curved raised panels the large bearing allows you to make half the cut since there is no fence involved. After the first cut you change bearings and install the small bearing to finish the cut. If you are doing straight raised, panels, you can go immediately to the small bearing and take 2 passes by simply moving the fence.

Machines materials from 3/4" to 7/8" thick.

6-Pc.Cove Cabinetmaking Bits:

  • 01001 1/2" Shank Cove Raised Panel Cutter w/Back Cutter
  • 01002 1/2" Shank Flush Trim Bit
  • 01003 1/2" Shank Ogee Drawer Bit
  • 01004 1/2" Shank Ogee Door Bit
  • 02011 1/2" Shank Chip-Free Roundover Rail & Stile Bit Set
  • Bearings 688ZZ & HC318DZZ & R4AZZ & R3ZZ & 608ZZ & 698ZZ