8pc. Anglemaking Set

8pc. Anglemaking Set
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Detailed Description

Add a whole new dimension to your cabinetry by creating angular mid-sections and radiused corner treatments.

We expanded on the original Sommerfeld 22-1//2 Lock Miter Set by creating the new 8pc Anglemaking Set. The new set includes 4 matched pairs of cutter bits for making easy setup. The angles included are 11.25, 15, 22.5 and 30. This set will be very popular for building all types of angled projects.

Curves and angles add eye-catching excitement to traditional cabinetry designs. With this set you can create tight curves by using narrow strips of wood or wider, more gradual cureves with wider flat sections. You can also incorporate fluting into your designs to creat additional interest

Radiused corner on kitchen islands are just one example everyone can relate to. The possibilities are endless with Sommerfeld's Angel Making Set.