Beaded Face Frame System

Beaded Face Frame System
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Detailed Description

Learn Marc Sommerfeld's simple system for creating beaded face frames on your table saw! This great new time saving tool will help you quickly create beautiful beaded fames in minutes!

The Beaded Face Frame is a 7" Diameter Cast Iron Cutter with a 5/8" Bore Hole

1-5/8" End to End of Carbide

1" Straight Edge across top 45* Angel cut The bits measure as follows:

Small bit is 3/32" cutting radius cutting a 3/16" bead, Large bit is 1/8" cutting radius cutting 1/4" bead.

DVD10 Beaded Face Frames Made Easy will be included with the purchase and Marc will show you in a step-by-step approach how to use his new Beaded Face Frame System.Table Saw arbor must be at least 1-3/8" long. Not made for small contractor saws.