Cove Cutter 3/8 Radius Cutter

Cove Cutter 3/8 Radius Cutter
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Detailed Description

Sommerfeld's Revolutionary Cove Cutter for Curved Cabinetry.

This curved cutter mounts in your table saw and is used with a pair of angled fences to create beautiful concaved curves in wood!

You can create your own crown molding and any number of cove shapes and sizes simply by changing the two fence angles and adjusting the cutter height. See Mare's DVDS11 on Curved Cabinetry on how it works!

It's great for making inside corners or radiuses on cabinets! The cutter also works for making moldings for fine furniture and all kinds of casework. After the cut is machined, the surface needs just minimal sanding to produce a smooth finish!

  • Large stabilizer washer included
  • Fits all tablesaws
  • 7" Diameter, 6 Carbide Teeth, 3/8" Radius


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