Curved Cabinets Made Easy

Curved Cabinets Made Easy
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Curved Cabinets Made Easy with Marc Sommerfeld!

In this informative, 50 minute DVD, Marc will show you step-by-step how to build stile and rail cabinetry that looks like it curves. He will demonstrate his new method of making his stile and rails look like they are actually curving around like a corner. You will also see another new medthod of using his new cove cutter on the talbe saw to make radiused inside corner in cabinetry...It's another must-have addition for you HOW-TO library.

Learn Marc Sommerfeld's system for creating curves and angles to make any corner extraordinary!

You will learn Marc Sommerfeld's simple-system for creating beautful curved cabinetry. In this DVD, Marc will show you how to use his new 3/8" Radius Cove Cutter on your table saw.

You'll learn how to....

  • Create inside Curves in Cabinets
  • Create outside Curves in Cabinets
  • Creat Inside-Outside Transitions
  • Use Sommerfeld's Cove Cutter
  • Use Sommerfeld's 3-In-1 Pocket Cutter