Glue Bottle Nipples 2PK

Glue Bottle Nipples 2PK
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The GluNip...Strectches and fits any glue bottle. The durable, supple silicone tip is the perfect no clog solution for keeping your glue fresh and ready to use. Nothing sticks to it. Works with the GluBot!

FastCap now has another new product available called the GluNip! It is a durable silicone tip to fit over your glue bottle that will not clog because the glue does not stick and will keep your glue fresh! You cut the tip to the desired depth depending on how much of a flow you want to disperse, and you can use it to rub or spread your glue. It can even be used on other shop solvents like lacquer thinner, aceton, denatured alcohol and etc. It stretches quite a bit so fits on a variety of sizes. It is a great compliment to our 16oz Glu-Bot.