Keyhole Bit 1/2CD,1/4SMCD,1/2CL,3/16CEL,2OL,1/4SH

Keyhole Bit 1/2CD,1/4SMCD,1/2CL,3/16CEL,2OL,1/4SH
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Detailed Description

Cuts entry hole and slot for mounting pictures, plaques, clocks, or small cabinets. T-slot will accept the head of a screw or nail. Items will hang flush to the wall without additional hardware.
Route the slot horizontally. This will allow you to adjust the frame sideways until it is perfetly level.

Cutting Diameter 1/2"

Small Cutting Diameter 1/4"

 Cutting Length 1/2"

 Cutting Edge Length 3/16"

 Overall Length 2"

 Shank Diameter 1/4"