Rabbeting Bit 7/16CDE,1-3/8CD,1/2CL,2-1/8Ol,1/4SH

Rabbeting Bit 7/16CDE,1-3/8CD,1/2CL,2-1/8Ol,1/4SH
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Detailed Description

Cuts perfectly-smooth, accurately-dimensioned rabbets on your router table in a fraction of the time it would take you to configure a dado set. Rabbeting is one of the most common joints in woodworking. These bits will give you fast, accurate results with no tear out on entry cuts and a perfectly milled finish.

Cutting Depth 7/16"

Cutting Diam. 1-3/8"

Cutting Length 1/2"

Overall Length 2-1/8"

Shank Diam. 1/4"